L'estomac dans la peau
Création 2017

la peau

‘I wanted to tell the stories of my skin, of my belly.’ Characters are born on her skin, her face.

The women who slowly emerge are monstrous, magical, or mysteriously fantasized from a distant journey. Their appearance is ritualized by the repetitive construction and deconstruction of painted masks. She prepares her colours and applies them with a brush or with her fingers, sometimes washing herself in a disciplined manner, sometimes making a mess...

And then, the same naked voice that accompanies each character and tells stories of the belly.

Sprinkled with video performances, hymns to food, and performances that make you hungry.

Hunger is spoken of as an unsatisfied love desire. On stage, it's a binge crisis where colours, images, and voices collide for a resilient dish. A theatrical experience,

where we follow the actress alone with curiosity in her metamorphoses and emotional digestions.

Rébecca Chaillon

Text and Performance Rébecca Chaillon
Dramaturgy and assistance Louise Dudek
Sound Creation Elisa Monteil and Raphael Mouterde
Lighting Design Jérôme Bertin
Projected Text and Video Layout Ramon Diago
External Eye and Set Design Nathalie Hauwelle