Je vous aime bien mais je me préfère
Je vous aime bien mais je me préfère
Je vous aime bien mais je me préfère

Je vous
aime bien
mais je me

Within the confines of the stage frame, bodies are at play, close and confined. Touch, gaze, feel, the proximity of flesh and gestures. How to surpass the boundaries of our own skins? Scarred skins, stretched skins, tough skins, skins like sheets of drawing paper. A living performance with video, bodypainting, and documentary sound, attempting to narrate the experience of being in that particular skin and not another. The performative nature of our staging lies notably in the concrete encounter of the various tools we use with our bodies. Video, sound, makeup and all its materials, texts, voices, and the stage itself, filled with all these elements.

All of this must make both confrontation and permeability possible. Our skins as screens for projecting videos or texts, makeup as a second skin, masks, the projection of materials in a Pollock-like manner, the appearance or disappearance of tattoos, drawings on the bodies, choreography to the sound of the tattoo machine... All this to tell the story of the body and the violence it may face, the body as a sensitive interface, the body and all the gestures we make to reconcile with it.

Rébecca Chaillon

Text and Performance Rébecca Chaillon and Elisa Monteil
Sound Creation Raphael Mouterde
Lighting Design Jérôme Bertin