Monstre d'amour


Research project exploring what is violent in the feeling of love, in its absence, in its excess. The monsters of love, those who desire the blood of their victim to live, those who love 'to life, to death' and ingest their companions, those willing to destroy everything, to kill for lack of love... By using mythical characters that inspire horror or fear, we will exploit the fantasy of violent passion.

We will play with rituals, the sacred, to summon our demons onto the stage. A performance involving FX makeup techniques, sound creation, bodies, and video to accompany the raw writing of Rébecca Chaillon.

Text and Direction Rébecca Chaillon
Performance Elisa Monteil and Rébecca Chaillon
Live Video Emilie Jouvet
Assistant Director Louise Dudek
Artistic Collaboration Gianni-Grégory Fornet
Sound Creation and Stage Management Raphael Mouterde
Lighting Design and Stage Management Jérôme Bertin
Set Design Arnaud Troalic
FX Makeup and Prosthetics Design Harold Levy